Week 4

Due on Thursday October, 6th:

  1. Reflect on today's field trip in your Robotics Journal.
  2. Hand washing research (in your Robotics Journal).

Note:  Don't forget to record your sources: title, author, publication, and publication date.

Note:  If you are having trouble getting started, go to one of the food safety sites listed on the FLL Project Video webpage and type in "hand washing" in the search box.

Note:  You can send specific questions for Ms. Bulat to my google account.

Due on Thursday, October 13th:

  1. Reflect on the Engineering Workshop in your Robotics Journal.

Note:  Set up your Robotics Journal as follows:

Expert:  Bre McKown
Title: Mechanical Engineer

Project Homework Due Dates:

Monday, October 10th - email to teachers
Monday, October 10th - classroom surveys
Thursday, October 13th - posters
Thursday, October 20th - script for classroom skit

Note:  Use this clip art site for clip art.